IRS Wage Garnishment and Lien Statistics


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The IRS has released its annual statistics on enforcement activities.  When taxpayers do not pay or resolve their tax liabilities, the IRS uses its enforcement powers to try and collect past-due tax.  The IRS can issue liens, bank levies, and wage garnishments without a court order.

The IRS filed over 700,000 tax liens in 2012 and issued just under 3,000,000 levies on third parties. (Third party levies typically are bank levies or wage garnishments.)

Although the numbers may sound staggering, the IRS issued nearly a million less levies than in 2011.  Other good news for taxpayers is an increase in the offers accepted by the IRS. An offer in compromise allows taxpayers to negotiate with the IRS and settle for less than the total amount of tax owed.  During the IRS’s fiscal year 2011, the IRS accepted 24,000 offers, which represents 37.5% of all offer submitted in 2011.

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